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  • Increased perceived value for your event amongst event participants
  • Access to new online revenue streams from exhibitors in a networking context
  • Strengthened business relations between attendees and exhibitors
  • Easier to prove your show’s value during sales presentations with powerful ROI reports
  • Supported by a2z's award winning end-user marketing to inform and educate users
  • Complete end-to-end support from a2z's reliable technical and professional services

Networking & Lead Management

a2z's Networking & Lead Management Platform supports networkNow!, a2z's premier matchmaking and scheduling solution that integrates seamlessly with your a2z powered event website and mobile app as well as partner systems.

By facilitating business interactions between matched buyers and sellers before and after they meet at your event, the platform dramatically increases the perceived value of your event along with providing an unmatched user experience to your attendees and exhibitors.  


This 365/24/7 online networking platform has helped many established Shows experience significantly increased web traffic, greater user satisfaction and additional avenues for revenue generation.

networkNow! enables exhibitors to build a strong online presence, attract targeted buyers to their eBooth and connect with them before, during and after the event. Registered attendees get access to powerful planning and scheduling tools that help them to plan ahead and maximize their time at the event. Opt for networkNow! and eliminate expensive revenue sharing arrangements for your networking tools!

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