Web-based Reg System for In-house Use Introduced

August 22, 2000
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a2z, Inc. Introduces Web-based Reg System for In-house Use

Washington, D.C.-- a2z, Inc. unveiled its event registration system to the public today. The system allows trade show organizers and event planners to process registrations in-house from their web browsers. Though the system can be purchased as a stand-alone module, it typically comes packaged with a2zShowTM, an application used to manage live events and reconstruct them online.

The system is currently being used by the Department of Commerce for their MED Week 2000 conference, which will take place September 24-27. With the new system in place, attendees can input registration data from their personal computers, eliminating hours of data entry for the MED Week staff. Though the event’s organizers are promoting online registration, the same web interface can be used to input registration forms that have come in by fax or by mail into the database.

a2zShow’s registration system also generates reports for quick analysis of the detailed demographic data collected in the MED Week registration form. The form includes several mandatory fields that gather demographic information such as the industry sector to which attendees belong. "With online registration we are able to get answers to a lot of questions that were never answered before," said Gisele Marshall, Registration Coordinator for MED Week 2000.

In addition to improving the response rate to questions on the form, the registration system is helping the event’s organizers collect the necessary information to print badges both before the show and at the show site.

There is more to the registration system than data collection, however. "The financial side of the registration process is handled exceptionally well by a2zShow’s reg system," said Rajiv Jain, president of a2z, Inc. "For the MED Week conference it is being used to process online credit card transactions and refunds, reconcile accounts, and display trial balance sheets," Jain added.

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For more information about MED Week, visit http://www.medweek.gov.