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November 1, 2001
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Simple Online Abstract Submission and Review

Columbia, Md.-- a2z, Inc. has created an online tool that takes the nightmare out of submitting, distributing, and reviewing presentation abstracts. Conference planners can forget copying, faxing, and mailing countless of abstracts back and forth with a2z’s paper-free process.

a2z’s system gives presenters the ability to enter their abstracts, papers and bios directly to a conference website. The online forms can be programmed to enforce submission of all required information, and the same web interface can be used by the conference planning staff to enter hard copy submissions. After all, not everyone can be convinced to give up pen and ink! Once all abstracts have been collected and entered into a2z’s system, the review committee can go to work, by logging into a special section of the event website.

"Reviewers can look at the abstracts online or print out the pages for review," said president of a2z, Inc., Rajiv Jain. "Every organization handles the abstract submission and review process differently. One of the benefits of working with a2z is that our technology can be customized and tweaked to best suit the workflow of each client. I believe this gives us an edge over most of our competition," Jain added.

The abstract management tools are actually only one part of the larger conference module of a2z’s event management and marketing software, a2zShowTM. Combined with the other features of the conference module, the abstract management system becomes even more powerful. The conference module allows a planner to assign time slots to the presentations and build a meeting schedule with ease. It provides a simple means of updating information about the event, such as times, dates, travel info, hotel info, speakers, and meeting schedules on a website in multiple languages. It also lets attendees build a personal itinerary of the sessions they would like to attend, has the ability to create detailed reports, and is designed so data may be easily downloaded into conference guides or abstract books.

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About a2z, Inc.
a2z, Inc. is a leading international developer of online trade shows, marketplaces, conferences and seminars for associations, independent show organizers and other businesses. In 2001, they were named Maryland’s "Best E-business of the Year." The American Heart Association, Hannover Fairs, USA, the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, and other show organizers use a2z’s premier product and service, a2zShowTM to help them manage their events online; increase their conference attendance and booth sales; and significantly reduce their administrative, marketing and promotion costs. For more info, "How To" articles, ROI case studies and more, visit http://www.a2zShow.com, or http://www.a2zinc.net. Who is using a2z for abstract submission and review at this moment? The American Health Care Association is currently using a2z to help them with online abstract submission and review for their 2002 show.